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    Attention Deficit Disorder
    There is no definitive test for ADD. The most reliable diagnostic tool is family history,
        and past and current  symptoms.     

    Do I Have Attention Deficit Disorder?

  • I don't complete what I start.
  • I procrastinate.
  • I'm always so restless and tied up inside.
  • I daydream when I should pay attention.
  • I go off on too many tangents.
  • I get  moody.
  • I am easily distracted.
  • I have difficulty reading, studying, and remembering.
  • I make impulsive decisions that sometimes get me in trouble.
  • I'm always late.
  • I can't organize projects.

    Working with a counselor familiar with the difficulties ADD presents can help you learn:

  • Ways to be punctual.
  • How to reduce anxiety and worry.
  • Ways to create structure to organize your time.
  • How to plan and complete projects.
  • How to manage moods and anger.
  • How to maintain your focus.
  • Use of problem solving to decrease impulsive decisions.
  • How to communicate better with your partner.

    Learning new skills takes practice by repetition. My work with you not only teaches you
    techniques but helps you be consistent until these skills become healthy habits.
Finding Focus and Organization
 Marilyn Huber, LMFT
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