About Us
    My belief is that people seek counseling when they have
    tried all the changes they can think of and now need to
    talk with an objective counselor for guidance. Therapy is
    more than supportive, empathetic listening.  I actively
    engage in helping my clients understand how their
    problems developed and what changes are needed to
    resolve the problem. My goal is to help all my clients
    make steady progress toward their therapy goals in a
    secure, confidential, and pleasant environment.

    Experience from my first career as a Registered Nurse,
    returning to  college as an adult for my counseling
    education, having my own major health problem, raising
    two children, and working diligently to make my long and
    happy marriage thrive and grow has helped me understand
    the many situations that clients present in counseling.

    When I returned to college I specifically sought training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    because past experience and research demonstrate that this approach is highly
    effective and can produce good results in a shorter time. Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
    focuses on helping to change behaviors, attitudes, and thoughts which  can lead to
    dramatic changes in how you feel, your relationships, and your happiness. My
    association with a large, long established group practice, Eastern Psychiatric &
    Behavioral Specialists, that employs adult and child psychiatrists, a developmental
    pediatrician, family nurse practitioners, and child therapists gives you and your family
    the opportunity to have comprehensive mental health care within one practice.

    I received my Bachelor of Arts degree, magna cum laude, in sociology and my Master of
    Arts degree from East Carolina University, majoring in marriage and family counseling.
    After graduation I trained extensively with a counselor who was an  American
    Association of Marriage and Family Therapy approved expert.

    I have held a Marriage and Family Therapist license (#440) from the state of North
    Carolina since 1983.  And, I have been a clinical member of the American Association of
    Marriage and Family Therapists and  the North Carolina Association of Marriage and
    Family Therapists since 1987.

Marilyn Huber, LMFT
                               Helping Adults Deal With the Problems of Life
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