Anxiety Disorders
    Symptoms of anxiety disorders are:

  • I can't concentrate or remember important things.
  • My mind feels cloudy, foggy, and dazed.
  • I have times when my heart races, I can't breath, my hands sweat ,
               and I'm afraid I will die.
  • Sometimes my surroundings seem different and unreal.
  • I'm afraid I will embarrass myself in public places.
  • Crowded places make me so nervous that I avoid  them.
  • I feel safe going to stores and restaurants only when my spouse or friend is with me.
  • I am uncomfortable around people. They are looking at me and judging me.
               I will make a fool of myself.
  • I can't seem to stop worrying and allow my mind to rest.

    To successfully treat anxiety disorders my experience indicates there are some key
    steps to follow:

  • Understanding the source of your anxiety disorder is the first step to overcoming
  • Learning that "to let go" is a way to gain control.  This is achieved with body and
    mind relaxation techniques, methods to control worry, and developing calming
  • Examining and correcting faulty interpretations of events and situations that are
    creating your fears.
  • Learning ways to stop repetitious thoughts and behaviors that make you feel out of

    Managing anxiety can be a challenging task, but together we can discover what steps
    you should take to regain control of your life.        
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