Client Comments

  • "You helped both of us to open up and look at how the other person might be feeling or
    experiencing. We always enjoyed our visits with you and felt that you showed us
    something new that we could integrate into our marriage to make it better. Your
    guidance has helped us avoid a marriage that is on the edge of falling down around us.
    Thank you so much for helping to bring the joy and love back into our lives!"

  • "From the moment we first met Marilyn, we felt she truly cared about our well being!
    She has an infectious smile and calming demeanor. She listened to our concerns,     
    recommended a fantastic book, and led us into open and honest discussions.
    We felt comfortable and completely at ease discussing our most personal thoughts
        and feelings. Our experience with Marilyn was 100% enriching, rewarding and
    successful and, without reservation, we would recommend her services."   

  • "The last 2 years have been pretty rough - certainly not what I had expected for a 60th
    birthday present. I'd talked with a couple of other counselors. Marilyn is special. She
    listened with compassion and understanding, and then asked the hard - but right -
    questions about what I could do about it - personal goals and personal accountability. It
    made a difference to be listened to with compassion  and challenged with that same

  • "I was referred to Marilyn by my family doctor when traumas in my life were causing me
    a huge amount of stress. Talking to Marilyn was like talking to a friend. She listened and
    asked questions but was never judgemental. Each time I visited her I was greeted with a
    warm smile, and I felt so relaxed that I hated for the sessions to end. Marilyn offered
    suggestions that were so easy to follow yet they proved to be successful in helping me
    through some tough times. I would not hesitate to call on her again should the
        need arise."

  • "My wife and I came to Marilyn Huber based on the recommendation of a friend. We both
    liked her forthright and direct approach. Marilyn was able to get us to open up and
    discuss issues that we had been unable to discuss by ourselves. In all, we both thought
    it was a very positive experience that led to a lot of healing and growth in our marriage."

  • "Marilyn was able to help us work through issues that I really thought could not be
    worked through. From my husband's perspective, he was impressed with how impartial
    she was. Lastly, she taught us how to help ourselves so we'd be able to handle future

  • "My counseling experience with Marilyn Huber was everything I thought it wouldn't be. It
    was a giant step for me to seek counseling for difficult times within my family and
    marriage. The sessions were comfortable, warm, and nurturing. They gave me an
    opportunity to look deep into my own personal feelings. If you are struggling then go
    ahead and take that giant step; you'll be a better person and look at life with a more
    positive attitude."

  • "Your counseling was so helpful to me at a time when my whole world had changed.   
    You helped me begin to figure out what direction I needed to go and gave me HOPE      
    that I would get through this rough time in my life."

"Marilyn helped to save our marriage. This has been a second marriage for both of us.
We were having difficulty with the imposed demands of an aging parent and a
dependent adult child. The stress other relationships placed on our marriage kept me
from giving a proper priority to my wife. Marilyn listened, lovingly confronted and
offered us a tool that provided tremendous help in educating us on how to relate to
difficult relatives in a healthy manner. When I could not hear my wife's pain because
I was so caught up in "rescuing" my mother and daughter, Marilyn was professionally
capable of helping me "see" the truth about myself and the relationships in my life.
My wife and I highly recommend her as an excellent resource person in dealing with
marital challenges associated with parents and adult children."
  Marilyn Huber, LMFT
                     Helping Adults Deal With the Problems of Life
Marilyn Huber, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  252-756-4899
  Brings Positive Change
"Dear Mrs. Marilyn, I so much enjoyed our visits. I learned so many things about myself
that I didn't know, which has led to a more fulfilling life. I am working now and my self
confidence has grown tremendously. Could not have done it without you."
"Marilyn was more than a counselor. She was a mentor, a teacher, and a guide.
She brought me through some very difficult times. She literally changed my life.
Or rather, she guided me in changing my own life. I will forever be in her debt.
How do you thank someone who has saved your life? I will pay it forward in her name.
Please listen to your heart. It will guide you straight to Marilyn."