Marilyn Huber, LMFT
                        Helping College Students Deal With the Problems of Life

  College Student Counseling

    I was a college student once, and well remember the problems I and my friends had as we
    faced an environment that was much more demanding than any of us were used to.
    In my more that twenty-nine years of counseling I have seen many of  these same
    problems disturbing the college students I have worked with.

    These are some of the problems students  encounter as they make their way through the
    demanding college years:


    Some of these  may be temporary problems that may diminish or disappear with time.
    But, if they don't, they can lead to a  worsening of how you feel and greatly reduce your
    happiness at a time in your life when you should be enthusiastic, optimistic, and happy.
    Often speaking with a skilled counselor can help you deal successfully with these issues.

    In addition to these troubling feelings, there are more serious conditions that may show up
    during the college years and these should be treated.  If they are not dealt with they can
    have a dramatic negative effect on the quality of your life.

    Depression: You may be depressed if you often feel sad, excessively worry, have crying
    spells, don't feel interested in activities that you usually enjoyed. Often you have negative
    thoughts. You may feel more and more isolated from friends and family. You just don't
    want to get out of bed. Depression can greatly diminish your ability to function effectively
    and your happiness.

    Anxiety: Some of the symptoms of anxiety are: You feel consistently edgy and overly
    wound-up, have uncomfortable periods of racing heart, difficulty breathing, and racing
    thoughts that interfere with concentration. You may have exaggerated fears of being
    embarrassed or appearing foolish that leads to avoiding crowds and meeting new people.
    You may have panic attacks. Frequent anxiety is a condition that should be treated or it
    can seriously disrupt your life.

    Attention Deficit Disorder: Studies show that about 5% of college students have ADD.
    The most common symptoms are: Difficulty organizing, easily distracted by surrounding
    noises or movement, trouble paying attention to a project or to people talking to you,
    starting projects but not finishing them, impulsive decisions that may cause trouble,
    chronic lateness, overly talkative, and difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep.
    A general feeling that many thoughts are flying around in your head.

    These conditions usually do not get better by themselves and often worsen with time.
    If you are experiencing some of the problems noted above to the extent that they are
    impairing  your class work, your social life, or your happiness you should seek help
        from a qualified professional counselor.

  • I feel overwhelmed.

  • I often feel out of control.

  • I just can't keep up with it all.

  • I often feel so jealous.

  • Will I ever fit in?

  • Often I feel taken advantage of.

  • I  often feel angry and I don't like it.

  • I feel lonely a lot.
  • Sometimes I feel suicidal.

  • I just can't get along with my

  • I wish I could sleep.

  • I feel like I am burning out.

  • I can't stop checking Facebook
    and it is hurting my grades.

  • We just broke up and I don't know
    if I can handle it.
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