Couples Counseling
  Signs of Relationships in Trouble:

  • We bicker and argue over most things.
  • Problems never get resolved; they keep coming back.
  • We never go out and have fun anymore. We hardly talk.   
  • My spouse controls the money, where I go and who I see, puts me down
      and calls me names.
  • My partner clams up for days. I don't know what he/she is thinking or upset about.
  • Affection and intimacy are important to me but I get very little of either.
  • The kids are out of control. I say my partner is too harsh and my partner
      says I'm too easy.
  • We can't agree on major issues like managing finances, or how much time
      to spend in separate activities.
  • I am having an affair.
  • My partner is having an affair.

Some of the issues addressed in couples counseling are:

  • A successful way to stop arguments.
  • Techniques you can use at home to reach agreement about:
  • Managing finances
  • Parenting methods
  • Sharing house and childcare responsibilities.
  • How quality time together affects companionship, communication, and affection.
  • Ways to increase constructive communication and discuss relationship issues.
  • How to recover from an affair, regain trust, and focus on a better relationship.
  • Ways to get the intimacy you desire.

    In counseling we strive for peace, harmony, and cooperation. My goal is to help each
    couple find the marital happiness they deserve.                      
Finding the Path Together
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