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    Depression is a debilitating condition that leads to loss of self-confidence, loss of
    pleasure, relationship problems, and work difficulties. Research has shown that
    depressions can tend to run in families, or be caused by situational stresses like
    loss of loved ones, family problems, and job difficulties.

    Symptoms of Depression:

  • I'm gloomy, lonely, apathetic.
  • I cry when there is nothing to cry about.
  • I don't enjoy favorite activities any more
  • I have trouble sleeping and wake too early.
  • I avoid being around people.
  • I don't seem to have any motivation.
  • I am pessimistic about myself, the world, the future.
  • I get irritable and angry easily.
  • I can't seem to have fun.

    Feeling better begins with learning new skills and habits.  In therapy you can learn to:

  • Decrease worry.
  • Decrease recurring negative thoughts.
  • Increase enjoyable activities.
  • Methods to resolve problems.
  • Constructive ways to ask for what you need.
  • Techniques to manage anger.

    Working together we will help you learn and practice new skills that can help you
    develop or recapture confidence in yourself, a more positive self-image, and a more
    hopeful view of your future.           
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