Parenting is a complex issue. Most parents would like to have an instruction manual
    about effective parenting methods but don't have one, so we fall back on the parenting
    style our parents used or make it up as we go. How to change a child's behavior in a
    positive way is a mystery to most parents.

    Common parent concerns:        

  • Temper tantrums, whining, talking back and having an "attitude"
  • Getting children to participate in chores
  • Children bickering or fighting at home or in the car
  • How to get my child to bed on time and to stay there
  • How to settle the chaos getting out of the house in the morning
  • Fear about how children will be affected by separation or divorce

    Counseling can help you develop the "instruction manual" for your child and learn to:

  • Provide encouragement and guidance while maintaining parental authority
  • Use discipline with consistent rules and consequences
  • Develop and use strategies to resolve conflict
  • Communicate effectively and negotiate rather than argue or threaten
  • Cope with strong emotions - your child's and your own
  • Reward and reinforce good behavior and cooperation
  • Help your child prepare for parent's separation

    Together we will analyze your child's troublesome behaviors, their likely causes, and
    your response to  these. Based on this, I help parents learn specific, straight forward,
    simple to understand skills that can help improve  the behaviors. The parents then try out
    these approaches in their home. If they work we move on to the next behavior problem;
    if they don't work, we refine or change the approach until we get positive results.
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