Practice Areas
Marilyn Huber, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  252-756-4899
Counseling for helping parents work together, establishing fair rules with consequences,
getting kids to cooperate and do chores, and changing negative behaviors to positive.
Marital, premarital, and relationship counseling for common relationship
problems such as: infidelity, extended family issues, communication, intimacy
and sexuality, money issues, anger control, lack or respect, sharing chores and
Couple Counseling:
Anxiety Disorders:
Attention Deficit Disorder:
Separation and Divorce:
Counseling for lifelong depression or depression stemming from a recent occurrence,
bipolar disorder, and general sadness.
Counseling for stress, panic attacks, general anxiety, obsessive compulsive
behavior, and unrealistic fears.
Counseling for confirmation of ADD, learning skills for focusing,organization,
completion of tasks, time management, moodiness, anger, and impulsive
Counseling to decide if separation is appropriate, ways to avoid harm to each
other and the children.  Coping with guilt and loneliness.  How to recover if
divorce occurs.
Marilyn has experience counseling in many areas including:
           Brings Positive Change
Marilyn Huber, LMFT
                               Helping Adults Deal With the Problems of Life
College Students:
Counseling to help college students deal with the issues that often occur
during the demanding college years.