I hope we can be together. If not, I hope
we can go our separate ways with least
harm to each other and our family

    Separation and Divorce
    The ending of a marriage or a long-term relationship is like grieving the loss of a loved
    one. You mourn the loss of your partner's company, the financial and emotional security,
    house and belongings, time with children , and future dreams and plans. This is an
    agonizing process made more difficult because you and your partner are out of sync in
    the stages of grieving: denial, bargaining, anger, depression, and acceptance,  During
    this time of crisis an objective, experienced, and supportive therapist can guide you in
    constructive decisions and recovery.     

    Whether you come as a couple or alone to counseling, we focus on:

  • Reasons that led to the decision of separation.
  • Ways to handle feelings of rejection and guilt.
  • Coping strategies to reduce loneliness and depression.
  • Ways to manage anger constructively.
  • How to help children with their feelings, fears, and adjustment.
  • Deciding what is best for children in dividing time with parents.
  • Stages of the separation process that are most difficult.
  • How to begin a focus on yourself that will assist recovery.
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